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Meet the mould-breakers

In the competitive industry of corporate and promotional gifting/items, Lumoss Mouldings is widely regarded as a leader. Since their humble beginnings in 1985, Lumoss has grown significantly in both strength and number. Today, they can claim to be one of the top names on a very short list for big businesses and SMBs seeking the highest quality plastic injection moulded and printed promotional items.

The business of getting your name out there

One of Lumoss Mouldings' core beliefs is that a company's logo is very often the only face by which consumers will recognize them. Thus it is that with the highest attention to detail they manufacture and brand every one of their vast variety of products. From the well loved Frisbee and Water Bottle to selected custom made items, the list is as diverse as it is unique. Their versatile operation is best summed up by MD/CEO and owner Julia Mack, “If there's an idea, any idea, in a client's mind, we have a product to bring it to life. And if we don't, we'll create something new. Imagination is the only constraint."

A one stop shop

Another satisfying Lumoss quality is that clients can expect some of the quickest turn around times in the business. Every aspect of design, artwork, printing and manufacture is handled in-house by highly trained, dedicated staff.

Made in South Africa

Perhaps the only thing Lumoss Mouldings hasn’t manufactured is their commitment to South Africa. Spending every working hour in the business of promoting other peoples brands, MD Julia Mack initially finds the idea of self promotion a bit foreign.
However, deeper scrutiny reveals a company with a soul. Fifty percent of her staff are women, the same percentage of staff are previously disadvantaged individuals. Many of her employees have been with her since the beginning, some twenty years ago. All statistics which rightfully earned Lumoss Mouldings a place in the Impumelelo Top 300 Empowerment Companies Ratings. The Proudly South African company is also a regular benefactor of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

Miss Mack considers loyalty to South Africa and her staff foremost in her responsibilities. “We’re proud of our philosophy of giving back” she says, “We’re doing our bit.”

Surprisingly modest for a Lebone Business Woman of the Year nominee.

How to be present in the future

“Where to from now?” seems to be the only question left to ask. MD Julia Mack is optimistic about the future of the industry, and shares one final thought, “Our clients’ willingness to support local industry has kept us healthy. They realize the importance of local investment. Our products are always as good, and often better, than any import. And we know what works in the local context. If we invest in each other today, tomorrow will always be a pleasure.”

Words to live by.